How To Connect With Ilahinoor

Most people have their first strong experience of Ilahinoor through a hands-on or distance transmission channelled by another person. However, the field is very easily accessible, and it is not unusual to feel a connection simply by reading or hearing about it – indeed, the very fact that you are reading this suggests you are already feeling some resonance with the energy.

To connect more strongly you can try this: repeat the word “Ilahinoor” like a mantra, and as you do so visualise the highest source of cosmic light. Focus on your crown chakra, the solar plexus and your connection with the Earth, and imagine this light beginning to come down to you like gentle golden rain which begins to flow through your body.

A particularly good time to tune in to Ilahinoor is when you wake up on a Saturday morning, as at that time (and the precise hour is not important) Kiara and many others around the world are consciously “broadcasting” the energy.

See Practice guidelines for suggested hand positions to use when giving Ilahinoor to yourself and others.

Channelled transmissions

If you would like to experience a personal transmission, you will need to find a practitioner. Ilahinoor is relatively new here, with the greatest concentration of givers in South Devon and the West of Ireland, though there are some in other parts of the country and numbers are growing rapidly with regular groups and workshops beginning to happen. If there appears to be no-one in your area giving Ilahinoor and there are a few people interested, contact Sarah Godwin who may be able to arrange something.

If you are unable to access a hands-on session, some practitioners will offer you a distance transmission, following a phone call, and this can be a powerful way to receive Ilahinoor.

Ilahinoor teleconferences

Barry and Karen in the USA offer regular Ilahinoor teleconferences with group distance transmissions which seem to be very effective. See their website,